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Welcome to Kisma Kreative, were I've been giving junk status since 2008. My name is Tracy, I live in the small City of Makhanda in the Eastern Cape of South Africa with my husband and our three cats.

Kisma Kreative is my space for sharing things I make mostly from recycled, found or throwaway objects and materials. I love transforming discarded pieces into something new and useful, giving lost materials new meaning. 
From time to time I like to share my thoughts on our journey to a gentler, simpler life.  As a household we are slowly moving towards a more self-sustainable, less consumer orientated lifestyle. It is a slow process and we learn a little more every day. Some days I might ramble on about the weather or maybe I'll share my favourite new recipe with you.
Whether you are here to browse through my items for sale or to read one of my blog entries while you sip your morning coffee, I hope you leave feeling a little lighter and with a smile in your heart.