Kisma Kreative came into being in 2001, it's foundation is the philosophy of using found marerials rather than purchasing the traditional materials used in various crafts. This makes what I create unusual and different, and means that Kisma has become a way for me to make a small difference for the environment while still doing what I love.

I am Tracy Jeffery. I make all my products, by hand, myself. This means that each item is carefully crafted and unique.  Wherever possible I substitute more traditional materials and craft accessories with regular household trash, developing new ways of working with these materials in order to create original and unique items.

I work at home with our three fat cats to keep me company. I am very lucky to have a very patient husband who has become accustomed to living along side bits of old jumping castle and piles of dead computer discs that tend to ooze out of my work room from time to time. I sell my wares online and at local craft markets when I get the chance.