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Keep Your Head Up - A Glasses Pocket

Posted 14/3/2020

13 March 2020:

This project has sorted happened by accident. I'm really not sure where it is going, but I'm having fun with it. And everyone needs a cheerful glasses pocket, am I right? 

It's very rough right now and there are smudges of wax pencil all over the place as I keep changing my mind. 

16 March 2020:

I'm almost finished my glasses case. Today it was announced that large gatherings should be cancelled, schools will be closed this week and university campuses are suspending activity in order to help slow the rate of COVID-19 infections in South Africa. I think this little piece has revealed it's purpose. 

Remember friends: Keep your head up, Keep your heart strong! Everything will be ok. 


It's done, and I kinda like it. Now I just need to find it's forever home. Sometimes that is the hardest part.  Everything I make has so much time, energy and a little piece of my soul in it. The right person will find it. 

Click on the image to find this piece for sale in my shop. Click on the image to find this piece for sale in my shop.