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Phoenix Rising

Posted 4/4/2020

6 March 2020:

I've had an idea to stitch a Phoenix for some time. There is no time like the present. I think I'll put him on a larger bag. Something that is big enough to carry a laptop or files and books. We'll see where it goes. Just because I start with a plan doesn't mean that's how a project will end up. These things tend to take on a life of their own. There in lies the beauty of handmade. 

It took me ages to come up with the basic design. I've scrubbed, rinsed and ironed all the pieces and temporarily fixed them in place, ready to start stitching. I'm all ready for the rainy day ahead. 


3 April 2020

My phoenix is stitched. I'm considering adding a few beads, just to enhance the fire element. I also have one more idea up my sleeve for this piece.  .  .

I started out with the plan to make him into a bag, sort of a satchel type bag. Big enough to carry a laptop.  I'm not sure now.  


3 April 2020 

Done nothing more. I blame lockdown in the time of covid19.