About me


I have always made useful things mostly from recycled, found or throwaway objects and materials. 


I love transforming discarded pieces into something new and useful, giving lost materials fresh meaning. I have been creating with recycled material most of my life but made it official in 2008. The word upcycle had only just come into being and I often had to explain what I meant when I discribed my work using this new word. 


Over the years I have come to realise that creativity is not contained. It is so much more than just paint and glue and thread. It seeps into ever apsect of our lives, how we use our dwindling resources, how we make that paycheck last longer. It flows and morphs through everything we do and from person to person. In difficult times we automatically start to think more creatively in order to get by. We all live creative lives. 



Whether you are here to browse through my items for sale or to read one of my blog entries while you sip your mid morning coffee, I hope you leave feeling a little lighter, maybe a little inspired and with a smile in your heart.