The Occasional Blogger


Seriously, very occasional, but sometimes I just have something I really need to say or share with you.

Also, fair warning - I can't spell. And no, it's not because I don't read enough. You want 'authentic', this is me, warts and all. 

4 March 2018

While I am working with my hands for hours, my mind is free to wonder and I often have long conversations with myself. I thought it would be nice to share some of my meanderings and maybe you'd like to join in the conversation. This is the space I am going to use to share my thoughts, ideas, rants and raves. Go and get yourself a cup of coffee, get comfy and lets chat.


Hi, my name is Tracy and I’m the person behind Kisma Kreative. And I mean, I am the person. I collect, sort and wash the materials. I do the design work, the cutting, the stitching and the cleaning up after. I do the marketing (such as it is ), the social media, the markets, the packing, the shipping and the bill paying. So, yes, Kisma Kreative is a one-woman band.


I live with my husband, Tom, who is an exhibition curator, a writer and a photographer. We share our home with three cats, a menagerie of local wild birds who share the figs on our tree, and a small lizard who lives on the veranda.


We are both very aware of the fact that as humans, we’re making a mess of the planet. The way I feel about the damage we do to the earth every day is simple: we are doing too much. This is an opinion of an ordinary person, who has no scientific training or any academic background at all, actually. I’m not an activist, or a hippy or a treehugger. Well, maybe I’m a little bit of a hippy at heart but shhhh - it’s a secret. I’m just a person, in the world, who thinks I need to do less damage.