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Also, fair warning - I can't spell. And no, it's not because I don't read enough. You want 'authentic', this is me, warts and all. 


19 Days since the first reported case of Covid19 in South Africa.

9 days since my last post on the topic.

25 March 2020


Yesterday morning we woke up to the news that South Africa will be put on lock down for 21 days as of midnight on Thursday 27 March.So it’s happening, we’re living in a movie!


 After a day of getting to grips with the news and getting prepared to not leave the house for the duration, I am pleased that this decision was made. I am not a scientist and I don’t know a lot about this sort of thing but it just makes sense to me. If we all stay away from each other, the virus will have nothing to ‘feed’ on. No new hosts, and will then die off. This is a very simplistic description, and I’m not sure what happens after that but this is how I get by.


So, for now I will employ the tactics I used to get through last year. Stay calm, deal with what is in front of you, the rest can wait. Remember your blessings, find something good in each day. Keep busy.


 Virus aside though - I think this is my time! Lockdown, living on what you have at hand. Making meals stretch, stocking your pantry correctly. I got this! Well, I think I do.  I have always loved zombie movies, disaster movies and stories from the home front during WWII. Not for the horror and drama but for the way people make do. People are forced to use what they have and create what they need. People are LIVING their lives, making their own way. We can do this, friends, of course we can. We still have the internet, we are not completely cut off from everyone and we can look up almost anything you can think of.


 I am looking forward to trying new recipes, making new things, reading, learning new skills, making new friends online. Stay home, stay safe and we will #flattenthecurve.