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Seriously, very occasional, but sometimes I just have something I really need to say or share with you.

Also, fair warning - I can't spell. And no, it's not because I don't read enough. You want 'authentic', this is me, warts and all. 

5 March 2020

It's been a while since I've created anything. As this is how I earn a living - it's a bit of a problem.



I worked all through last year and so after the big Christmas market I felt I had deserved a bit of a rest. I had a lovely Christmas break.

Then came January. I thought, well, maybe I just need a little more time to deal with everything that went down last year. My creative inspiration would kick back in when I was ready.


We flew through February and still - nothing. I was stuck with a feeling of ''What is the point".

Suddenly though, I feel a need to get going on something so that I can participate in a Makers' Day happening at Jane Solo Tea & Bagel Bar. All the creative people will be there, working on their new projects, discussing their ideas and simply oozing creative inspiration all over the place! You need to bring something to do so that you can get in on the conversation.

Slowly a new design in creeping into my mind and I must get it out. I want it to be special and unique. Made for someone who will see the magic in it.



It's funny the things that will get you going. In this case - FOMO! But now I'm on a roll, because you know what - makers gonna make. It's just how it is. That's how we spread a little happiness. It's contagious like that.

Now - where did I put my scissors...