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Grey with Purple and Blue Feather - Refillable Journal/Notebook
Journals & Notebooks
R 250.00

*Only one available*

This A5 book folder comes with 2 lined, soft-cover notebooks and one lined hardcover notebook inside.

The heart of the journal cover is cut from retired jumping castles and I like to think it is infused with childish dreams, hopes and joy. We could all do with a little more of that. The jumping castle/ bouncy house material is also strong and durable.

The notebooks are held in place with elastic and there is a place to add 2 more soft-cover notebooks. The elastic that holds the books in place as well as the elastic that holds the folder closed is all replaceable should it get worn out over time.

The journal folder is made to fit standard, easy-to-find school notebooks so you will be able to replace filled-up notebooks easily.

Made by Kisma